Linden Care Pharmacy will be closing on July 26, 2017. Please Click Here for further information.


Linden Care will help alleviate the burden associated with prescribing challenging medications due to cost, REMS programs and limited distribution. Education and compliance programs go beyond retail to ensure your patients receive the best possible care and optimal treatment outcomes.

Patient Referral

Simple patient referral and prescription intake makes using Linden Care easy.

Prior Authorization

Our team is in place to perform data entry and make the necessary calls to confirm or acquire the information required to gain prescription drug benefit coverage for patients.

Patient Education and Compliance Management

Patient engagement that includes initial counseling with patients, reviewing potential medication side effects and stressing the importance of safety for not just the patient but their loved ones as well. Education to help mitigate the risk of patient non-adherence and misuse ensures the provider’s treatment goals are achieved.


Linden Care understands the nuances of specialty medications, especially scheduled products, REMS products and the special handling needs they have. You and your patients can be assured refills and checkup reminders are part of the complete service we provide to ensure smooth and effective treatment maintenance.