Linden Care Pharmacy will be closing on July 26, 2017. Please Click Here for further information.

Patient Information

Patients with specialty and pain medications needs are why Linden Care was founded. We provide the highest level of service and easy access and support to the medications which your doctor prescribes.

Linden Care works directly with your healthcare provider(s) to coordinate all your medication needs. We specialize in chronic pain management and can work with different physicians to help you get all of your medications as quickly as possible.

Our specialized patient intake and care coordinators work with both physicians and insurance companies to your reduce stress and keep paperwork to a minimum. We can handle all prior authorization approvals efficiently, so you can get all of your medications quickly and with the lowest out of pocket costs. Linden Care’s experienced team always advocates for the patient and helps guide you through all the red tape. Our goal is to give our patients a seamless service experience and the best possible outcome.