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Manufacturer Information

As drug development becomes ever more complicated and high stakes, the commercialization services of Linden Care can help make new product launches more successful or provide a new strategic option for marketed products. Specialized drug distribution is just one part of the hub services Linden Care can provide to manufacturers and their commercial teams.

Our fully staffed call center is ready to speak with patients and providers to ensure they have access to every resource available to them. Whether it be to verify their insurance drug coverage, offset a copay with a voucher program or pull through a manufacturer’s own reimbursement assistance program, Linden Care is the manufacturer’s partner in commercial drug programs and service.

By partnering with Linden Care, manufacturers of pain medications and other specialty drugs are gaining the experience and knowledge needed to navigate effective distribution and dispensing where REMS programs, data collection and reporting, inventory management, reimbursement assistance and patient compliance programs are necessary.

Our unique specialization in pain management medications came out of the needs of patients in this often challenging drug category. Corporately, Linden Care has chosen to service this market need in the most effective and ethical way possible. The compliance program at Linden Care is designed to go a step beyond the normal pharmacy review of prescriptions and provide that extra level of responsibility to ensure that all parties involved in the Manufacturing, Prescribing, Dispensing and Taking of pain medications is as safe and appropriate as possible.

Linden Care provides service to a growing number of practitioners, some who specialize in pain management and others who do not, but are caring for their patients’ pain management needs as best they can. Prior to filling any prescription, the prescriber’s background is reviewed to confirm their legitimacy and authority to prescribe. This is done by checking their DEA, NPI and state license status as well as a check of any fellowships, affiliations or certifications in the field of pain management if necessary.

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Linden Care takes compliance to the next level with a policy of continually reviewing prescribing patterns. Reports are run to determine if extreme patterns exist in prescribing of drugs of abuse or diversion that raise red flags. Linden Care strives to provide assurance to manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products that the prescribers we deal with are not just legitimate but that their prescribing is responsible and coming from them, not an altered or counterfeited prescription.

All of this is done under the watchful eye of the Chief Compliance Officer who came to Linden Care with over 30 years of experience at the DEA.

You can trust Linden Care as a partner in the dispensing of your medication and the support programs to ensure patient affordability, compliance and education. Without having to wait for patients to pick up prescriptions, lost business to abandonment is less of an issue and persistency is driven by the hands-on approach with patients. On the back end, manufacturers receive reports on all aspects of their product’s performance, providing valuable insight into all elements of product utilization without the expensive data service provider inquiry reports.