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Caring for a loved one is difficult but getting the help you need shouldn’t be. Linden Care understands the importance of pharmacy care and works with caregivers to make sure that the patients they are caring for have the medication support and education they need. Our pharmacists are always available to answer any questions, speak with a doctor or assist with any new or existing prescriptions.

Unit Dosing Solutions

Linden Care can dispense and package all medications in blister packs coded for morning, afternoon, evening or as needed doses. Our pharmacists work with caregivers to provide patients with easy to follow dosing instructions without confusion or the possibility of over or under dosing. Patient safety and compliance are our highest priorities.

Drug Education and Training

It is important to understand why and how the medication prescribed for you works. Patients, Caregivers, Parents or Children can always depend on our staff and pharmacists to answer any questions or suggest alternative medications for their doctor to prescribe. Our patient care representatives have all the resources to help you achieve the best outcome with all your medications.

Compliance Management

Compliance is an important part of how we do business. Linden Care is proud to have a best in class compliance department that works with patients and doctors to make sure that all medications prescribed are safe for the patient. Our compliance department works directly with doctors and patients to help our pharmacists to achieve the best patient outcomes.